The world is spinning

out of control ...

Reclaiming my life.

Reclaiming my sanity.

Reclaiming my joy!

"He who lives as if he will live forever

Knows not the glory of the moment."

jan jones


The creation of the world wide web is both a blessing and a curse. Everything happens so fast today, and we expect it. We no longer have the patience to wait for anything. But is that a good thing?

This thought is constantly in my mind ... 'slow the merry-go-round down, I want to get off.' We have lost the person to person contact that made the world a wonderful place. Now there is a phone or computer between all of us. Our children do not know how to play and what's even worse, we as adults, have lost that ability to play as well. We are flying through life at warp speed, and I for one have made a conscience decision to slow down and learn to enjoy life again ... moment by moment.

   And that my dear readers, is what Designs For Graceful Living is all about. I invite you to join me on this journey. Start by Subscribing below so you won't miss a single issue.

   Be sure and add a bookmark so you can come back often. If at anytime in between issues you need a break, look at the wonderful photo above and imagine yourself slowly walking through the rock maze and let the tensions of the day just drift away.

   But this is really important ... Before you start to read, make yourself a cup of tea, and take it and your phone or iPad to a comfortable chair (it's ok in this case), curl up, relax, and read the articles very slowly. You'll be glad you did.




Hello ... So nice to meet you. I'm jan jones ...

Many of you know me from my shop, Come Into My Garden, at Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. For over 15 years, I filled this shop with everything I loved for the home and garden including my original art, garden treasures and tiny plants for fairy gardens, and iron for both the home and the garden. There were evidently a lot of people out there who loved the same things I did because we had a great following. I'm hoping you will all join me on this similar journey, just down a new path.

   I've done a lot of things in my lifetime, but from the time I was born, I was an artist with a passion for sales. Graphic Design, Exposition Marketing and Production (I was on the design staff for the  $4 million Coco-Cola Centennial), Produced parties up to $250.000 dollars. I was a workaholic and good at it. That I knew how to do.

   But I didn't know how to love. I had been divorced since 1980, when three years ago, into my life walked my soul mate, Jeff, and everything in my life changed. For the first I time found out what it was like to truly be in love and be loved. From that moment on, I no longer wanted to work all the time. Jeff is the kindest man I have ever known and everyone just loves him. Because of this man, everything seems brighter and we want to slow down and enjoy every precious moment we have left in special ways. And for those of you out there that have not found your one true soul mate yet, there is still time. I was 69. Just believe.

   After we closed the shop, I went back to designing websites which I totally love ... it's like creating a new work of art with each new site. I always said my last career would be writing. It's time to finish or publish all those books I have written, and I think Designs for Graceful Living may be the one thing I have always dreamed of ... my own magazine. Add in a garden to tend, a little art to create, and a wonderful man to love ... life is good.





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